Commitment to the Resource

At North Delta Seafoods, we fully support sustainable fishing strategies to ensure the preservation and viability of our resource for the future. Our strict adherence to employ only sustainable fishing practices in highly regulated fisheries fosters our accountability to our natural environment.

And at North Delta Seafoods, our tradition of fishing in the cool waters of the North Pacific also guarantees our commitment to provide only the freshest and most natural wild seafood products to our customers worldwide. Our detailed chain of custody makes us accountable to deliver excellence in quality from the fishing fleet and processing plant to packaging and final delivery to the customer.

Fishing With Integrity


North Delta Seafoods owns vessels, licenses and quotas, and maintains key working relationships with our fishermen who also offer the highest qualifications and commitment to the resource.


Fishing is at the heart of our business. Therefore selective harvesting methods and sustainable fishing practices define who we are. All our harvesting methods are designed to eliminate harm to non-targeted species and preserve the resource for the future.


Our plants are HACCP regulated and approved. Strictly monitored temperature controls, impeccable product handling and attention to detail guarantee superior quality in all our final products.

Chain of Custody

Accountability is paramount in our business. Accordingly, the integrity of our wild seafood products is protected by detailed chain of custody procedures which trace the fish from time and place of harvest through processing, transport and then final delivery to the customer.


North Delta Seafoods uses fully recyclable packaging, reflecting our commitment to “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.” Whether it’s a premium delicacy or a popular product for everyday consumption, we package all our seafood to meet every level of demand.