Sizing +/- 15lb, +/- 7kg
Product Forms Whole Round

Loins (Vacuum Packaged)

Harvest Methods Surface Troll Jig
Freezing Method Frozen at Sea (FAS) – Plate/Blast

Frozen at Sea (FAS) – Brine

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Albacore tuna

Albacore tuna is a highly migratory Finfish species distinguished by its beautiful dark blue back and silver-white sides. It is most sought-after for its silky, delicate flavour. The albacore tuna species is noted for its high oil content, exceptionally high level of beneficial Omega-3 fatty acids and low mercury content.


600 kg – Tote

1193 x 1050 x 509 mm

5kg, 10kg, 30lbs – Master Carton