Sizing 50 grams – 150 grams
Product Forms Herring: Whole Round (Food or Bait)

Herring Roe:  Salted Roe (Kazunoko)

Harvest Method Gillnet

Purse Seine

Freezing Method Block



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Pacific Herring

The Pacific herring is a compressed Finfish with a bluish green to olive coloured back and silver sides. Unlike the Pacific sardine, it does not have any black spots. Its soft, ivory flesh with high oil content offers a delightful full flavour. Pacific herring roe, also known as Kazunoko, is prized for its large size, golden colour and crunchy texture.


20 kg – Nude Block

Sizing Varies

10 kg – Block Master Carton

473 x 316 x 97 mm

600 kg – Tote (Whole Round)

1193 x 1050 x 509 mm

16 kg – IQF Master Carton

493 x 322 x 193 mm