Sizing Sockeye Salmon: 2/4 lb, 4/6 lb, 6/9 lb

Chum Salmon: 2/4 lb, 4/6 lb, 6/9 lb, 9+ lb

Pink Salmon: +/- 3 lbs

Coho Salmon 2/4 lb, 4/6 lb, 6/9 lb, 9+ lb

Red Chinook 4/7 lb, 7/11 lb, 11/18 lb, 18+ lb

White Chinook  +10 lb , -10 lb

Product Forms Dressed Head On (H/On)

Dressed Head Off (H/Off)

Fillets, Portions, Fresh

Harvest Method


Purse Seine


Freezing Method

Blast (IQF)

Frozen at Sea (FAS)

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Wild Pacific Salmon

Our Wild Pacific Salmon is caught in the cold waters off the Pacific Coast of Canada. Reflective of their environment, the Wild Pacific Salmon species are known for being clean, natural, and flavourful fish. Wild caught Pacific salmon offers the best in size, appearance, texture, nutritional properties and flavour; making it a highly valued premium seafood product.


50 lb Master Carton – 10 kg Fillets

762 x 355 x 191 mm

600 kg – Tote

1193 x 1050 x 509 mm