Sizing Medium: 34-42

Large: 25-33

X-Large: 20-24

Jumbo: 15-19

Super Jumbo: 9-14

Product Forms Head on

Head off (Tails)


Harvest Method Trap
Freezing Method Frozen at Sea (FAS)


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Spot Prawns

The spot prawn is the largest of the shrimp species harvested in the North Pacific Ocean. The body of the prawn is normally tan or reddish-brown in colour with distinguishing white spots on its abdominal sections. It is prized for its firm texture and especially delicate, sweet flavour.


12 kg – Master Carton

452 x 321x 190 mm

1 kg – Carton

215 x 152 x 57 mm

12 lbs – Tails Bento Box

209 x 152 x 57 mm